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bear in outdoor enclosure

Bear Country USA

Have you ever seen a bear up close and personal? If you haven’t then you need to go check out Bear Country! Bear Country is home of the largest collection of privately owned black bears. Sitting on 200 acres, drive your vehicle through an arrangement of enclosures featuring wolves, elk, cougars, reindeer, deer, bobcats, bison, dall sheep and more!


Distance: Located 39.0 miles away near Rapid City.

Bear Butte State Park

Located just north of Sturgis, Bear Butte is just a short ride away from the campground. Bear Butte is one of the few igneous intrusions formed millions of years ago here in the Black Hills. It is a sacred place to many American Tribes and they visit here to hold religious ceremonies. Please be respectful of those who are here to worship as well as hold religious practices, when you are there for any activity.

Distance: 10.2 miles

Old barn in front of Bear Butte from Nin
Presidential sculpture at Mount Rushmore

Crazy Horse Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Custer State Park

Full of granite peaks, crystal clear waters and home to one of the largest bison herds, Custer State Park is a must see area with plenty of activities. Take a trip via the Needles Highway for a gorgeous ride through the Black hills.

Distance: 68 miles

Reptile Gardens

Started in 1935 as a small collection of reptiles, the Reptile Gardens has grown into one of the largest zoos in the world specializing in reptiles! It is also one of the largest area attractions here in the Black Hills. Don’t forget to take your camera! There are some gorgeous botanicals throughout the zoo.

Distance: 37.7 miles

tortoise walking